Diddy’s Revolt TV Sued For Allegedly Discriminating Against White Employees

Mo money, mo problems.

Former employees of Diddy’s Revolt are alleging racial and age bias following their termination from the company, the New York Post reports.

Douglas Goodstein and his four producers – former workers for The Howard Stern Show – filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court. Goodstein accused Revolt’s executive vice president Val Boreland of creating a hostile work environment for them. Boreland, he said, treated the African American staff with more respect than his team.

Goodstein alleges Boreland “was always rude, condescending and dismissive towards the [team]… Ms. Boreland, however, treated the African-American staff in a much friendlier and respectful manner.”

Goodstein claims the black employees arrived to work “intoxicated or hung over.”

One production assistant, they claim, “often came to work late, drunk and slept on the editing floor during work hours.” They say the worker “suffered no repercussions for their behavior.”

Goodstein says his team was fired in December 2014, and replaced with an inexperienced group of black employees.

An attorney for Revolt TV dismissed the claims, saying, “These claims are without merit and have previously been dismissed by the [Equal Employment Opportunity Commission].”

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