21 Savage Refuses To Make 22 Savage Famous

#21savage disses #22savage ?

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21 Savage isn’t going to let 22 Savage get clout off of him.

“B***h a– n****s remind me of my baby mama,” 21 said. “Y’all f**k n****s dying for attention like h*es. Get off a n***a d**k. I ain’t finna make none of you broke, dusty crumb chasing a– n****s famous. Peon, peasant a– n****s. Before I make a n***a famous, a n***a gon sign to me.”

21 Savage’s latest comments come after turning down a boxing match with 22 Savage.

“They talking about all this boxing,” 21 said. “We walk around with chopppers and s**t, man. We ain’t boxing no motherf*****g n****s, man.”

22 Savage has been taunting 21 for the past few months, recently stating his desire run that fade with the “No Heart” rapper. The Baton Rouge rapper challenged 21 to a $100,000 boxing match.

“Look man, we do this s**t,” he said. “We got a 100 grand on the fight, n***a. Put yo motherf*****g gun down b***h a– n***a. Anybody can get a gun. We pop s**t too.”

#22Savage challenges #21Savage to fight for $100k ???

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22 recently posted footage of himself preparing for the fight.

22 Savage upped the ante on his antics after accusing 21 Savage of trying to get him blackballed.

#22Savage responds to #21Savage ?

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22 wrote on Twitter, “Tell them how 21 told his manager to reach out to everybody like worldstar not to post my videos nomore are they wasn’t gon f**k with them.”

22 had much to say on IG video about 21’s attempts to attack him.

“I guess I’m p***y cause I did comedy before. You n****s got me f***ed all they way up,” 22 said. “I been living like that. Play with me, it’s going down. Straight up. That’s all I gotta say. N****s laugh at they homeboys everyday. You make a n***a laugh, you crack a joke, that’s a damn joke. You a comedian. Shut yo b***h a– up.”

21 Savage had words for 22 for copying his image.

#21savage disses #22savage ?? #noplug

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“Shout out to all my real n****s in Baton Rouge. I know y’all ain’t raising n****s to ride another n***a dick to get on,” 21 said. “Y’all gotta do way better to do that. How the hell you gonna beef with a n***a you wanna be like.”

22 clapped back at 21 and his camp in a series of social media posts. 21 had this to say in response:

“N****s be quick to talk about ‘N****S is Internet beefing. N***a, you made your whole life out the Internet riding my d**k. You is the king of the Internet. You get on the Internet trying to act like me. You can’t imitate this s**t. You a punk.”

21 first called out 22 during a recent performance in October.

21 raps, “Ain’t no 22, ain’t no 23.”

No Plug is backing his Slaughter Gang affiliate. No Plug told the Baton Rouge rapper he was going to pull up in his hometown.

22 Savage and his guys say they won’t let anyone from No Plug’s camp touch them.

Comedian McArthur Johnson recently adopted the name “22 Savage” to jumpstart his music career.

The Baton Rouge, LA native was unapologetic about swagger jacking 21 Savage.

“I just felt like jacking him,” he told SOHH. “I’m really savage out here. I’m really in the slums. I’m in the trenches. What people don’t understand is that underneath this funny, it’s really real. We’re in the streets. I’m a street n***a trying to make it out anyway I can.”

Johnson explained why he adopted the name 22 Savage during an interview with Say Cheese TV.

“I just come back to me rapping and doing comedy at the same time,” he said. “I was intertwining parodies or whatever, and people like ‘Yeah, you rap for real.’ That’s when I came up with that line ‘This ain’t 21, this 22’ and people started catching on to it, so I said, ‘F*ck it. I’m 22 Savage.” I jumped in the rap game.”

Johnson says he has yet to talk to 21 Savage. He doesn’t care if 21 Savage has a problem with him.

“He ain’t gotta like it,” he said. “It is what it is. If he take it any type of way, he take it any type of way.”

Johnson says 21 Savage makes “decent music,” but says he’s “way better.”

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