Chief Keef Reveals Shootouts With Edai In South Side Chiraq

F*****s in school, always in the barbershop, saying Chief Keef ain’t bout this, Chief Keef ain’t about that.

Chief Keef is indeed bout that. Sosa took to Twitter to reveal he was toting his gun on the block in South Side Chicago. Surprisingly, he actually loved the “drill” of it.

Sosa told followers he misses the shootouts he had on OBlock and 600.

“A part of me misses the shoot outs we used to have on ‘Oblock’ like a motherf****r damn man #OB4L.”

“Them shoot outs we had on 600 too. Edai blow the van down!” Sosa wrote.

A fan suggested Sosa is too far removed from the South Side to want anything to do with that life anymore.

Twitter user @prettyboypres messaged Sosa, writing, “you don’t want smoke no more.”

Sosa replied, “N***a stop it I AM smoke.”

Another fan @Chieffkeefk_off suggested Sosa was dry snitching.

Sosa replied, “B***h that ain’t dry snitching… you won’t receive details from Chief Sosa shorty #300.”

Sosa is most likely not flexing. Edai confirmed Sosa was out there with him in song “Remember.”

He raps:

“I was riding in the Rover and I had them 23s, Chief Sosa hit me, he wanted to go to Micky Ds/It was late as f**k at night, think it was like 2 or 3/Baldy Getting off the s—-, drinking all this white Remy/Remember one day in the Wic, I was walking through the Wic/Called lil Baldy, told him bring me out the blic/And he cocked that b***h back, and he hand me off the grip/Then I up that motherf****r, and I let that b***h rip.”

Listen to Edai’s song in full below:

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