Die Hard Fan Says Chief Keef Is Better Than Tupac & Biggie

A student and classmates were engaged in a heavy debate on Hip Hop’s current best rapper. The conversation soon grew heated with the young man hailing Chief Keef as the king to the throne.

“…Chief Keef is the best rapper alive,” he said. “He’s better than Tupac, Biggie, Snoop Dog…all them n-----. Chief Keef is the best rapper alive, cuz. Ain’t nobody f------ with this n---- in the rap game.”

The young man then goes on to quote Sosa’s lyrics from Bo Deal’s “Murda.”

The kids raps, “GBE, we mobbing, Chief Sosa co-starring/My n----- tote pistols, it’s a issue, please don’t start em.”

“Who the f--- says that besides Chief Keef?” he adds.

Chief Keef, he said, is the best rapper “dead or alive” in the whole world. The young man then flies into a rage while defending Sosa.

“Chief Keef, ain’t nobody f------ with this n----!” F--- is yall talking about!” he said.

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