DoeBoi Flexx Pens Heartfelt ‘Letter To Tunchie and Roddy’ In New Song

DoeBoi Flexx reminiscences on the memory of his slain good friends in his new single. Flexx paid homage to fallen comrades Warren Robinson aka Cutthroat Tunchie and Roddy Comer aka Juice. Flexx lost both friends less than four months apart from each other.

Tunchie, 16, was gunned down July 5 in a hail of bullets by the CPD. Comer, 20, was fatally shot Friday, Oct. 10. Both killings occurred on Chicago’s South Side.

In “Letter To Tunchie and Roddy,” Flexx borrows Beanie Sigel’s “Feel It In The Air” instrumental to get some things off his chest.

Flexx talks learning of news of Tunchie’s death in a phone call. Flexx said he heard the shots that took Tunchie’s life, but didn’t pay it any mind because sounds of gunfire are an everyday thing where he resides.

“All before that we heard a couple gunshots, but we ain’t pay it no attention, we used to hearing gun pops,” he raps.

Flexx continues, rapping, “Since you died my n-gga, I don’t rock with too many/N-ggas tryna take me out cause they pockets to skinny/So I don’t trust sh-t/No, I don’t trust sh-t/Stop flexing with them guns, n-ggas ain’t gon bust sh-t.

“And I still can’t believe I had to bury my n-gga/It’s like death came closer, this sh-t scary my n-gga/I remember nights in the basement/Wanted to get on a song, but I said that you had to be patient/But I should’ve put you on a f-cking song, I can’t even hear you voice cause you f-cking gone,” he raps.

Flexx received word of Roddy’s death in another phone call that would forever change his life.

He raps, “I’m just starting to get over this Tunchie sh-t, I get another call about some goofy sh-t.”

He continues, rapping, “I’m pacing in the crib like what the f-ck up/If bro die I swear to God I’m finna turn the f-ck up/Boa, this sh-t crazy, this the life we gotta live but none of this sh-t faze me/Go hard for my n-gga til this sh-t lay me/Lost too many n-ggas, look at what this sh-t made me.”

Flexx prays the Lord guides him to a better route and has mercy on his soul for what he had to go through in this lifetime.

He raps, “Lord, if you can show another way, man/Cause on my soul, I ain’t finna play man/I’m going hard til my soul leave me/And let God do the judging when he see me.”

The loss of Flexx’s friends inspired his forthcoming mixtape “I Think I’m Tunchie.” The project doesn’t have a set release date, but is slated to drop soon.

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