Dreezy’s Love Affair Takes Listeners Higher In ‘I Love That Bitch’

Dreezy burst onto the scene in late 2012 with her viral hit song “Break a Band” featuring Mikey Dollaz. Additionally, Dreezy gave fans a taste of her talent with her collaborative mixtape “Business N Pleasure” with the M.I.C. rapper.

Dreezy is currently prepping the release of her highly anticipated solo debut mixtape “Schizo.” Fans are sure to get lifted with her addictive lead single.

Dreezy vividly takes listeners on a cruise in the backseat of her Mystery Machine with her seamless metaphors in song ‘I Love That Bitch.’

Dreezy compares the allure of marijuana to a sultry seductress.

Despite all of its bad properties, marijuana has a strong hold on the Chicago femcee.

She is stuck in a tumultuous relationship with the drug, but craves its orgasmic feeling during their alone time. She is entranced by its scent, imprisoned by the sensation it provides her.

“Her scent is sweeter than swishers/ Just a whiff of her presence will leave you stuck like a picture/ By just inhaling her presence, you’re hypnotized by her essence/Whether depression or happiness is a curse or a blessing,” Dreezy emotes.

The drugs allow her to gather her thoughts and think clearer as it takes her mind to paradise.

“Smoke, I meditate for a lesson/Choke and now I’m lost in my feeling,” she raps.

Despite how mind-blowing her lover is, she warns too much of something is never a good thing. As in any bad relationship, Dreezy finds the drug to be manipulative.

Dreezy is fed the lie of believing the drug will heal the pain. She soon learns marijuana doesn’t heal her pain, but only numbs it.

“Hopes, she helps the pain heal faster/ But if I get too attached to her, I start a disaster/ Mary just want my money/ she don’t like me for me/ Cuz if the pain is like a knife she aint gon stop the bleeding/ And now I’m crying and grieving/ I don’t know what I believe in/ She just remind me how I’m such a fucking wreck and the reasons,” she raps.

But despite the empty promises, Dreezy still professes her love for Mary Jane, rapping, “But I love that Bitch, she help me zone out on the haters, I love that shit.”

Dreezy feels that she and her lover have something special, but knows she turns tricks. Every last one of her associates has had their turn with her.

But all is well as long as Mary is bringing home the bread.

“When I’m with her, I feel like all is good/ When I’m with her I feel like all is understood/ The relationship we have is very strong/ Extend those so me and you can last very long/She fuck around and let the hood hit/ But at least she getting money, that’s my hood bitch,” Dreezy explains.

Dreezy ponders how something so wrong could feel so right. She hopes loving Mary isn’t a “sin” because it is her “blessing.”

Dreezy displays another talent in her song as she drops some vocals in the conclusion.

“I know I said the last will be the last, but I keep on coming back /Keep a blunt and let it last/ It don’t make no sense, but I love that bitch.”

Dreezy promises to drop her addiction, but fails miserably. She is dangerously in love.

Check out Dreezy’s “I Love That Bitch” official music video below

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