XXXTentacion Visits Fredo Santana In The Hospital. SSR Boss Has Kidney Failure and Liver Failure

#xxxtentacion visits #fredosantana in hospital. Fredo has kidney failure and liver failure ??? #savagesquad #lookatme

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Fredo Santana’s health has gotten worse. Just months after experiencing seizures, Fredo is now in the hospital for kidney failure and liver failure.

Fredo took to IG to announce his health status, writing, “Been in here since Friday. Doctor say a n***a kidney failure an live failure. I’m getting back to normal. Sorry to all my fans turbo bandana will not be dropping tomorrow due to my health issues. Thanks for everyone who prayed for a n***a. I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy.”

XXXtentacion was among Fredo’s visitors.

“My dog X done pulled up on me. Real n***a,” Fredo said.

In March, Fredo posted a photo onto IG of himself in a hospital, and revealed to fans he was suffering from sleep deprivation and seizurs.

Fredo captioned his post, “When u working hard no sleep u get sleep deprived an have a light seizure.”

#fredosantana in hospital after suffering #seizure ??? (#gws Fredo) #ssr #glogang #chiefkeef #chicago #chiraq

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Many fans attributed Fredo’s hospitalization to overconsumption of Lean. Lean, often called “sizzurp” or “purple drank,” is a drink concoction made of Promethazine-Codeine cough syrup, Sprite and Jolly Rancher candy. The drink has its origins in the South after Houston producer DJ Screw popularized it.

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