Dude Reveals Why He Caught Tekashi69 Lackin At LAX

A Texas man is claiming credit for catching Tekashi69 lacking at Los Angeles airport.

Dude explains why he caught #tekashi69 lackin at #lax 😱

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Acie High, who was wearing a red hoodie in the fight video, spoke with TMZ regarding the incident.

#tekashi69 caught lackin at #lax 😮

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Acie, a member of Texas rap group Aqualeo, told TMZ him and his friend, Priceless, were dropping some girls off at LAX when Tekashi’s crew started flirting with the women.

“We was with some close friends of ours, some females. He has a track record of bothering girls. …Some of our fans called us, and said he’s bothering the girls,” Acie said. “When we got there, and he did that to our sisters, bothering them, they didn’t wanna f**k with him. His entourage got upset. They had some words about it. One thing turned to another. But it come his time for him to get his a-- whooped. Cause he talk so much s**t all the time, so much h** a-- s***. It gotta come to an end.”

Tekashi took to IG to issue a response to the incident.

“How many times I gotta troll y’all n****s? How many times I gotta make fun of y’all n****s? Look at my face,” Tekashi69 said. “Still untouched. N***s just packed some n***s. We just fought some n***s at the airport. As soon as I get the video I’ma upload it, I told y’all n****s stop playing with me. Y’all can’t touch me.”

Tekashi reaffirmed to fans the fight wasn’t fake.

“For all the people saying that fight was staged for promo for the project release on Friday, it wasn’t staged,” Tekashi said. “Stop saying with staged. Y’all n****s is mad when I don’t get touched. A n**** was gushing, bleeding from his face. Why I gotta stage something for an album release.”

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