Duke Da Beast Takes YTS Movement To New Level In ‘Yung Trend Setta 2’

Duke Da Beast is the founding member of the Yung Trend Setta (YTS) movement. Duke laid the groundwork in the streets and told his story in his debut mixtape project “Yung Trend Setta.” YTS isn’t a trend for Duke. It’s a lifestyle. It was only right for Duke to hit fans with his sequel to YTS. Duke’s debut project was an underground hit that deserved way more recognition. Duke’s YTS 2 is no different. The Tay City native stuck with his formula and magic was the outcome. Duke’s hot bars matched the superb production on this project.

Duke Da Beast is from Chiraq. Don’t go there unless you are bout that life. According to Duke, bodies drop everyday in his hometown. Duke had to navigate his way around obstacles and make his way out of the struggle.

Duke raps, “I was like 13 when a soul got took in my face/I was having bad dreams, I couldn’t wipe the sh*t away/Yeah, I felt that pain, had to put some of my n*ggas in the grave/If I had one wish, I wish they was here today.”

Duke is so real, the number “100” is beneath him. Duke keeps it “1000” in track two. There are levels to being 1,000. First, one has to make sure they have a solid team behind them. Duke makes sure there are no Judases on his squad.

Duke raps, “Snakes up in the grass, I cut the sh*t and I found them/Cut some n*ggas cause I found out they was cowards/I was getting money, trapping up out them towers/Racks up in my pockets, had me sagging my trousers.”

Duke made a way and now he is reaping the benefits of his hard work. Duke “Never Thought” his YTS movement would grow so big. But things aren’t all good for Duke. He has to deal with people switched up on him. Duke is enjoying his clout but keeping his open for snakes.

Duke raps, “I woke up with a motherf*cking dream like Martin Luther King/Diamonds on my neck and my ear ring, and them b*tches bling/Bullets out that motherf*cking thing, yeah them b*tches sling.”

Tay City run blocks. Duke and his Trend Settas are on the map and got others “Scared.”

Duke is a fearless leader of his gang. Duke raps, “When I hopped up out the porch, I was selling white/Now I got some little n*ggas and they a strike/Don’t believe the hype, little n*gga, know this the way of life.”

Duke Da Beast is looking for a rider. He has his own list of 21 questions for his shordy. But all Duke wants to know is if shordy is gonna hold it down for him while he gets done what he needs to get done.

Duke raps, “Shawty say she love me, but I know she really don’t/Say she a ride or die, but I know she really won’t.”

The sky’s the limit for Duke Da Beast. Bump that. Duke is actually reaching for the stars. Duke is the founder of YTS and is feeling good. According to him, he has the world in his palms.

Duke is feeling good on this record as he raps, “I can go wherever, I can do what I want/Yeah, I do a lot of flexing, but I don’t like to stunt.”

Beamer, Benz or Bentley? Duke opts for a “Beamer” in track 10. Duke pulls up scheming like Willie Beamen in his Beamer. This happens to be one of the hardest records on this project.

Duke raps, “On the block, I got them stripes like a zebra/I’m with them lions, tigers, bears and them hyenas/My n*ggas gon get rich off selling cocayena/My b*tch, she bad, she foreign and don’t speak no English/She got her top out while my top down in the beamer.”

Duke’s “Lake Shore Drive” is smoothest record on this project. Duke doesn’t want any drama. He’s just cooling, smoking and riding through the City with a bad thotty.

Duke raps, “I’m a young n*gga from the mud/Probably see it in my face/I was like 13, decided to give the streets a taste/I started with a eighth and I start selling weight.”

Duke Da Beast won’t stop until his YTS movement is a million plus strong. It won’t be difficult for Duke to accomplish this because he is putting out good music. It takes artists many years to develop a unique sound and style. Duke has already found his niche and is perfecting his craft with each single released. Duke’s project is an easy listen. We don’t think much people will be skipping any tracks on this project. Judge for yourself by downloading Duke’s project below.

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