Edai and Famous Seven Speak On GDK/BDK In Chiraq

Edai and Famous Seven of Team600 offered their thoughts on the GDK/BDK controversy in Chiraq during an interview with Zack TV.


“We f-ck with GDs. …We f-ck with a lot of GDs,” Edai said. “We just don’t f-ck with them fu a-- n-ggas. Lil Jay nem. Them n-ggas not real GDs. Like Duck, all them fu a-- n-ggas. Them n-ggas not no real n-ggas, man. We just don’t f-ck with them fu a-- n-ggas. We f-ck with real Gds. We f-ck with Gds who GDK. It’s basically where you at and where you from.”

Famous Seven added, “It ain’t even about GD/BDK. It’s about motherf-ckers’ set. Motherf-ckers be getting into it and motherf-ckers turning up.”

Edai continued, “People outside looking in. They be like ‘The GDs be into it with the BDs in Chicago.’ No, it’s not like that. We be with Gds from day-to-day basis. Everyday. My cousin nem GDs. I be with GDs all time. It’s not about no GDs versus BDs. It’s about fake n-ggas versus real n-ggas. Them n-ggas fu as f-ck. Lil Jay nem…Swagg… all the n-ggas. Them n-ggas not no real n-ggas. I don’t know what they call themselves… outlaw GDs. I don’t respect them n-ggas, period. They not no real GDs. …My uncle, he got a big spot in the GDs. I know real GDs.”

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