Edai Plays The Villain In ‘Koopa The King’ Mixtape (Review)

Edai is the Bowser of Chiraq rap. Anyone familiar with the Mario Bros. video game series knows Bowser is its most-feared evil villain. Edai assumes that role hence the name of his project “Koopa The King.” Edai is King Koopa and spits hell fire on his 16-track project, hosted by Trap-A-Holics and DJ Iceberg. Rival emcees should know there are levels to not only the rap game but also the street life. Edai has seen it all when it comes to the streets. As far as rap goes, he is already at the last stage and on the brink of riches and fame. The levels Edai had to navigate would make a frightening video game. There are no King Boos, Dino Piranhas, Shy Guys or Goombas. But there is a lot of violence, lost souls, drug trafficking and gang banging. Chiraq is the meat grinder and many won’t make it to the last stage in the game. And sadly, there is definitely no reset button.

Edai tells listeners a story of his come-up in this project. He wastes no time in his project’s opening Tarentino of 808 Mafia-produced record “Yeah,” rapping, “I took yo b-tch and then I piped that/I spend that money, get it right back/and how I came up, they don’t like that/I’m on 600, they some nightmares.”

If you paid attention to each bar in Edai’s “Yeah,” you’d learn he doesn’t deal with frauds. In Chiraq lingo, that’s called “FuFu.” Edai makes sure to keep it 100 while chasing 100s.

Edai raps, “I say look b-tch, I be banding, I chase that wealth/B-tch I’m too real to be dancing, so save that there/And this b-tch talking about romancing, don’t do that there.”

Chicago is the heart of the country. D.C. is the nation’s capital. The two cities have hot Hip Hop scenes. This star power brought Edai and Shy Glizzy together for a hot new record. The two artists set their Stash Beats record on fire.

Edai kicks off this song, rapping, “They say I came from the bottom, but how I took it this far/That’s cause I always did me, I never took what they saw.”

Shy raps, “I’ma sh-t on these n-ggas cause these n-ggas some lames/I might cop me a Bentley, I might cop me a Range/I don’t need no publicity, I don’t need no more fame.”

The streets can be compared to quick sand. It’s difficult to pull yourself out of this trap no matter how hard you try. Additionally, there are people that’ll watch as you struggle without offering to lend a hand. Some will even tell you to stop trying to get out of the quick sand. Edai says he, too, has been told he’d never “Make It Out” in his Young Chop and Chop Squad-produced record featuring Lil Durk. Edai talks the struggles he faces, rapping, “If they get you then you gon for sure, it ain’t no coming back/That’s why I grind like I do, you know and touch a milly out this rap/Either you hustling or you hooping or you rap.”

Edai says Team600 got No Limit, watch them “Hoody Hoo.” Well, “God damn.” You’re either with Edai or against him. If you’re not, he could care less. Edai hits his Bonifide Beats record, rapping, “B-tch, I’m coming through, tell me where the f-ck I’m coming to/I be chasing after the checks/That’s the sh-t I’m running to.”

Edai’s lead single “Koopa The King” made its introduction on the “In LA We Trust 2.” There is reason why Edai is crowned King Koopa. The Team600 leader paid his dues in the streets. He laughs at others who claim to have rep.

Edai raps, “Where the f-ck these n-ggas comes from talking about they clout, they not on a thing/I’ma f-ck these h-es, do shows, sell Os, sell blow, just living my dreams.”

Perhaps my favorite record on this tape is “Realest Sh-t Never Spit.” DJ Phresh hooked up a fresh beat for Edai on this one. Edai spits the real in this record. Edai has an independent mindset, which appears to be the theme of this song. Edai talks having to watch his own back because others are only focused on themselves. There is correlation between this sentiment and Edai’s desire to remain an independent. Edai knows at the end of the day all he has is himself, so he’s going accomplish his goals by any means.

Edai raps, “Man it’s 600 baby, only few of us left/Gotta look to my right, gotta look to my left/Gotta watch your own back cause these n-ggas for self.”

Edai’s “Koopa The King” is his best project by far. The professionalism and storytelling is what stood out on this tape. Call Edai the bad guy because he really gives zero Fs. It’s difficult to even see him in this rap game because Team600 got his back. This includes S. Dot, 600Breezy, Tay600, JusBlow and Huncho Hoodo, to name a few. That’s a hot team of rappers, so the bar is raised very high. One would have to go through each of those spitters to see Edai. And to those that are able to pass those stages to reach King Koopa: Good luck because you’re going to need it.

Download/stream Edai’s “Koopa The King” below.

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