Famous Dex Loses Endorsement Deal With Puma

It was all good about a week ago. Puma announced it has cut ties with Famous Dex following the release of footage showing him involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

Dexter explained the reasoning behind the altercation on Twitter, saying his girlfriend cheated on him. Dex apologized for his actions telling fans he’s not “perfect.”

In response to many concerned folks on Twitter, a Puma spokesperson wrote, “Puma does not condone any act of violence toward women. We do not, nor will we, have any relationship with Famous Dex.”

Dex was tapped to help promote Puma’s new venture with streetwear label Pink Dolphin.

The Puma x Pink Dolphin “Wave Of Glory Capsule” was released in stores on Sept. 17, followed by a release at Footaction, Puma Lab powered by Foot Locker, and City Gear locations on Sept. 23.

Tish Hyman leaked footage of the assault onto her IG account. She also accused Dex of burglarizing her apartment.

Hyman said the “Dexter The Robot” rapper broke into her apartment after assaulting his girlfriend. There is no footage of the alleged crime.

Hyman posted footage of the damages in her apartment.

“He used my place to stay, shoot a video and then he said he was leaving my place, and then he broke in, then left my place like this,” she said. “Famous f*****g Dexter, what the f**k is he supposed to be famous for. He f******g took sh*t out of my house. The place is f*****g trashed. All kinds of sh*t missing. Broke the f******g TV, threw a TV. This is what the new generation of mumble rappers is like. If you act like this, I don’t want you around me. He so lucky I got better f*****g things to do. I have a life.”

Tish expanded more on the alleged burglary on Twitter. Read her tweets below:

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