Lil Bibby Says Dark Skin Dudes Think They’re Tough

Lil Bibby took part in a light skin vs dark skin debate on his IG Live. At first, Bibby didn’t want to entertain it.

“Don’t start with that dark skin, light skin s**t,” Bibby said. “It’s the same s**t. Everybody different.”

Bibby went on to diss dark skin brothers.

“Light skin n****s act different. I ain’t gon lie, dark skin n****s be thinking they tough for some reason, and they a– can’t fight for s**t in the world,” he said. “Them dark skin n****s be thinking they tough as hell cause they ugly. Especially them little black ugly motherf*****s used to be thinking they crazy. I use to be beating the f**k out they a–.”

Bibby once stated he preferred light skinned women during an interview with Hip Hop Fix.

Bibby wanted to hit up a strip club, but only on one condition. The women have to be bad, light skinned, red bone complexioned and have real hair.

“Who got the baddest,” Bibby asked. “I need light skin, redbone. We don’t need no lace fronts and dark butts. We don’t mess with that.”

“I don’t want no fat h—,” he added.

“I like a light skin, thick,” he continued. “If she thick, she can have a little stomach but not too much man.”

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