Famous Dex Praises Baby Mama After Birth of Son

#famousdex celebrates birth of son, praises baby mama #ohhmanngodddamm #dexmeetsdexter

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Famous Dex and his baby mama have had a rocky relationship, but have gotten through their issues. In September 2016, Dexter was jailed for beating up his girlfriend in a domestic dispute.

Dex and his girlfriend welcomed a boy into the world this past weekend. The “Dex Meets Dexter” rapper spoke on the issues he had with his baby mama after his child’s birth.

“She been here on my side,” Dex said. “We’ve been through ups an downs. We stick around each other. Them real relationships know how it feel.”

Dex said the birth of his child has inspired him to become a better person.

“It’s time to think big. It’s no more about me,” Dexter said. “If y’all think I changed, blame it on the little man. If y’all think I became a lame, blame it on the little man. It’s time to become fathers. It’s time to do what the f**k I gotta do for my son. My son and my daughters.”

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