Famous Dex Reveals He’s Back With His Girlfriend

Famous Dex and his girlfriend are possibly back together. Dexter hinted his relationship was on the mend after writing, “D**k so good make her come back.”

Dex and his girlfriend broke up after the two were involved in a domestic dispute. Dexter beat his girlfriend after accusing her of cheating on him.

Dex apologized for his actions.

On Twitter, Dex wrote, “Sorry for that video Real S**t Lady’s I was Wrong Bt know I’m not perfect an I’m Cool Af the Devil was Using me I’m Men To Say it doe SORRY.”

He wrote on IG, “God is my key. To all my real fans that love me, wanna say sorry and to all the others, never give cause you took uh little [loss]. It’s not a problem God can’t [handle]. No one perfect in life. Stay humble and focused.”

The backlash Dex received from the incident left him feeling suicidal.

He wrote, “I Just Wanna Kill Myself Oml.”

On Twitter, he added, “I’m Done.”

Dexter now appears to be bouncing back from his set back.

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