Famous Dex Rushed To Hospital After Drinking Lean

Famous Dex is not messing with the Lean. Dexter revealed to fans the overconsumption of promethazine-codeine landed him in the hospital.

Dexter spoke on the dangers of Lean from his hospital bed.

“If I’m your role model, then stop f*****g doing the Lean,” Dex said on IG Live. “I just wanna let my Live know, all my fans know, I quit codeine. I don’t do the Lean no more. That’s on my kids. You’ll never ever see me with a double cup. It f****d me up. I’m in the hospital right now. But I feel so better. I feel so good. God is so good. That’s why y’all haven’t been seeing me do no music. I been f***d up.

He continued, “That’s why y’all haven’t been seeing me on the camera. I been sick. I wanna let all my fans know if y’all can stop doing this s**t right now that’s f*****g y’all up, really stop doing this from the bottom of my heart, in the long run it’s really gon f**k y’all over. Your body a shut down on you.”

Dexter is latest Chicago artist to denounce Lean. Fredo Santana was the first after admitting in October that Lean was the reasoning behind his stay in hospital.

Fredo Santana admitted to fans Saturday that drug addiction was the reasoning behind his stay in the hospital. Fredo told fans Friday he was in the hospital for kidney failure and liver failure after experiencing seizures.

#xxxtentacion visits #fredosantana in hospital. Fredo has kidney failure and liver failure ??? #savagesquad #lookatme

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Fredo revealed he almost died after suffering a seizure and falling to floor, where he bled from the mouth. Luckily, Gino Marley found him just in time. Fredo is now considering rehab to help end his addiction.

Fredo wrote he used drugs to repress bad memories that haunt him.

He wrote, “I was running from my old life tryna get high didn’t want to face them demons.”

Fredo wants to use his celebrity power to speak about drug addiction.
He wrote, “Hopefully I can be the face to sho n****s to slow down an we got out whole life ahead of us f**k being rock stars getting high. I got ptsd.”

Fredo is getting support from XXXTentacion who visited him in the hospital

“My dog X done pulled up on me. Real n***a,” Fredo said.

Fredo took to IG to announce his health status, writing, “Been in here since Friday. Doctor say a n***a kidney failure an live failure. I’m getting back to normal. Sorry to all my fans turbo bandana will not be dropping tomorrow due to my health issues. Thanks for everyone who prayed for a n***a. I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy.”

In March, Fredo posted a photo onto IG of himself in a hospital, and revealed to fans he was suffering from sleep deprivation and seizures.

Fredo captioned his post, “When u working hard no sleep u get sleep deprived an have a light seizure.”

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