Fetty Wap’s Crew Allegedly Fired First Shots During Robbery

Fetty Wap’s crew is suspected of firing the first shots in a shootout between his camp and the camp of Raheem Thomas, TMZ reports.

The same member of Fetty’s crew who fired the first shot is also suspected of accidentally shooting himself in the thigh.

Thomas is accused of causing the altercation between the crews after following Fetty into a Patterson, NJ deli. Thomas pistol whipped someone in Fetty’s camp, and then robbed Fetty of his chain and cash.

Two members of Thomas’s camp were shot during the incident.

Raheem Thomas was arrested after posing with Fetty Wap’s “1738” chain on IG. Thomas wrote he wasn’t responsible for the chain snatching, but recently leaked footage says otherwise.

Thomas can be seen clutching a gun in a red blazer in footage acquired by TMZ.

Thomas is currently in jail after he was arrested near his Patterson home and charged with assault and weapons offenses, CBS News reports.

Fetty and his team were cooling in an all-night deli in South Paterson when another group entered, ultimately sparking an argument, reports.

A physical altercation ensued with one male being struck with a gun. The fight spilled outside, where gunfire erupted. One man, 34, was found with a gunshot wound to his lower leg, and another man suffered a gunshot wound to his torso.

Fetty Wap didn’t let the situation get the best of him. Fetty kept his head held high amid the robbery, as can be seen in positive tweets posted to his account.

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