Florida A&M Students Discuss the Lack of Available Black Men in Documentary ‘Skin Deep’

What are the prospects of an African American woman finding a black man? Florida A&M women discuss the topic of dating and relationships in new documentary ‘Skin Deep: Black Women Venturing Out.’

The documentary begins by saying that “every little girl has a dream of what her wedding will be like.” But for little black girls, the narrator said, the ultimate dream is finding her prince charming.

But will her Prince Charming be black?

According to Skin Deep, it is mathematically impossible for all black women to find a black. African Americans reportedly make up 12 percent of the U.S. population, while black men account for 5 percent.

Karyn Langhorne Folan, author of “Don’t Bring a White Boy Home” says black women outnumber black men by 2 million.

But the number of black men drops even further when one factors in homosexuality, prison, the mentally unstable and those that are already married, according to the documentary.

For the eligible black men who are available, the majority doesn’t want a committed relationship due to their many options, according to Folan.

“Guys in those situations don’t want to settle down because they have options and something better might come along,” she said.

The Virginia School of Law did a panel on race and relationships and found successful black men are less likely to be married.

This raises the question: Do black women have to date outside their race to find a quality man?

African American women are less likely to date outside their race, whereas African American men have embraced interracial dating.

Watch ‘Skin Deep’ below and tell us your thoughts on dating and relationship in the black community. Is it hard to find an available black man? Sound off below.

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