Mixtape Review: Oncore- ‘Selfish’

Oncore has finally released “Selfish,” his most recent mixtape to date. The Chi Town MC first made mention of the DJ Louie Styles and DJ Hustlenomics-hosted project in January after leaking its unofficial cover art. Oncore began generating a buzz in the past year through his work with fellow up and coming Chicago rapper P. Rico. Oncore is a double threat as he is also a talented producer. Oncore’s production work is featured in this project.

Oncore hits his solo debut off with a familiar single. Oncore is in battle mode in single “24.”

Oncore hits this track, rapping, “N****s lying through their teeth/They be talking to police/They don’t really want the beef, I got shooters overseas/All I know is get the green, get this s**t by any means.”

Oncore collaborated with P. Rico for song “Can’t Help It.” The two MCs can’t help the way they ball, the money they’re stacking and the women they attract.

The women Oncore attracts prove to be a problem in single “My Baby” featuring Killa Kellz and Lil Jay. Women try to trap Oncore by having his baby.

Oncore again collaborates with Killa Kellz in song “Love To Trap.” The two are pushing weight in this Kakey production.

Kellz works the hooks and his own verse. He hits this track, rapping, “She say money make her come, I’ma wet the fish/I’ma throw this money make her do some tricks/I like my money green with some red on it/I be thirsty, I’ma hound, I can smell money.”

Oncore raps, “I’m thumbing through hundreds, your pockets looking flat/I’m on my way to the money and I ain’t looking back/You n****s broke and you bummy, but claim you love to trap/I’m in traffic with killers, somebody getting whacked.”

Oncore slows it down in single “All Over Me,” a Rahd and Chapo production. Oncore got a woman stalking him in this track.

Oncore raps, “What you want from?/What you want from me?/Yeah, I know what you want, this is new to me/No, I can’t believe/Yeah, I can’t believe/You would think we was something, we’ll never be.”

Oncore and Billionaire Black count dollars signs in their sleep, not sheep. The two are on the paper chase in track “Get This Money,” a Red Clay and Kera production.

Oncore raps, “Said I wake up in the morning, all I know is get that dough/I’m thumbing through the row then I spend it all on clothes.”

Billion raps, “I said I wake up in the morning then I wipe my face with hundreds/Hopped up out the bed, now it’s time to get blunted/Then I picked up my phone, had to buss a jug, gotta get this money.”

Killa Kellz makes another appearance on this tape in song “Getting’ Ugly,” a CB production.

Oncore raps, “My n****s be on dummy, we ain’t for nothing/Pull up like it’s nothing, hop out we busting/Catch him while he running, he Jessie tumbling/If you ain’t talking money, end of discussion.”

Kellz spazzes, rapping, “Money on top, more money motherf****r/Swag so sharp, touch me, I might cut you/never wife a b***h, I’m team no cuffin/I’m on to the next, might f**k her cousin/Play my bread, s**t might get ugly/I’d fix your ass and break you down like puzzles.”

Oncore’s “Selfish” is filled with 18 solid tracks. Oncore assembled a perfect blend of producers and guest features to make this tape come to life.

Stream/download the project below.

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