Mixtape Review: Katie Got Bandz- ‘Drillary Clinton 2’

The streets were waiting for a sequel to Katie Got Bandz’s debut mixtape “Drillary Clinton.” The streets got just that with “Drillary Clinton 2.” Katie has officially been announced the president of Drill. This tape serves as Katie’s address to accepting her title.

Block On Da Trakk served as the executive producer of this tape and handled this project entire production by himself. Katie proceeds to rip each beat from start to finish.

Katie Got Bandz wastes no time going in on her haters and competition in her inaugural address.

Katie is not playing any games, rapping, “Back in this b-tch, got the mac in this b-tch/Thinking sh-t sweet a get slapped in this b-tch/Katie ot Bandz watch I’m stacking this b-tch/Yo n-gga he on me, he want me lil b-tch/He say he a hitter, he fronting his sh-t/Dogs on attack like my name Michael Vick.”

Katie hooked up with Maybach Music Group artist Wale for single “Weak.” It was a nice touch to get a DC rapper on record given the theme of Katie’s tape.

In this track, opps simply don’t have enough muscle to go toe to toe with Katie and Wale.

Haters are too broke to catch up to Katie’s level as she raps, “Damn, these h--- so weak/Broke h--- shop at Rainbows, why the f-ck these h--- so cheap.”

Wale follows Katie, rapping, “Weak? Not me/N-ggas ain’t f-cking with me/I do not care if you suckers is deep/You can catch peace like step and repeat/N-ggas say sheesh cause yall weak/Shut up and just let me be.”

N-ggas ain’t real, according to Katie Got Bandz. Katie has many questions for the fakes in track “Who Da F-ck,” rapping, “N-ggas be saying they real? These n-ggas ain’t real/Know some big n-ggas that’s out here for real/Get caught in that field/Choppers gon squeal.”

Katie hangs with a gang of soldiers that stay active in the field.

She can merch it, rapping, “Hold up, my youngins n-ggas soldier, they drilling sober/In Rovers with macs and cobras because we toters/Roll up, these n-ggas h-- up because we poled up.”

Katie stays in drill mode in “Nothing” featuring Canno Da God, rapping, “My n-ggas shoot guns like it’s nothing/F-ck the opps, they a-- ain’t on nothing/I blow them bands like it’s nothing/And you broke, yo a-- ain’t got nothing/The opps want smoke, bit it’s nothing/We shoot 30s til it’s nothing.”

Katie Got Bandz is going ham against her thot haters. The Chiraq femcee doesn’t hold anything back in her new single “Lil B*tch,” rapping, “H-- the f-ck you getting cake when you went to Mickey Ds on a date, little b-tch/Why you hating little b-tch?/Come around, never say it to my face little b-tch/You a opp little b-tch, slide through smack yo a-- with the glock, little b-tch/You don’t shop, little b-tch/Heard yo a-- stole everything you got, little b-tch.”

Katie Got Bandz is forever on the paper chase with her team, rapping, “I been stacking my bandz for a foreign/Hit the strip, when I pop out, I’m touring/I’m so fly, b-tch, I feel like I’m soaring.”

Since Katie is steady on her paper chase, it would be in everyone else’s best interest to not play with her money. Try her and suffer grave repercussions.

Katie raps, “Don’t be playing with my money/Got 50s and 100s, my youngins be drumming/Slide through, boom boom/Turn up, turn up/And my n-ggas be with it.”

Katie’s turn up level was cranked high on this tape. Katie proves again she can be just as aggressive on tracks as her male counterparts. This tape is filled with bass heavy and adrenaline-fused tracks that’ll be sure to rattle trunks this summer.

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