Mixtape Review: CashOut063- ‘C.R.E.A.M.’

CashOut063 aka BossCash started the month of July off on the right track after hitting fans with his third mixtape. The St. Lawrence native found “C.R.E.A.M.,” hosted by DJ Cortez, DJ Suspence and DJ Shon, to be the most fitting title for his latest because cash rules everything around him.

CashOut is just being honest in opening track “I Ain’t Lyin,” a Levi Baggz production.

CashOut calls out his haters, rapping, “Why these n-ggas hating, I can’t understand it/I’m just tryna get some money feed my family, not make it to the Grammy’s/All I know is street f-ck you rap n-ggas/I started rapping cause I heard it was a sack in it/And now you wanna hate on me cause I bust moves, name a hustle in the city just to eat that I can do.”

Cash recorded a hot club joint for the skrippers. Cash fell in love with a “Dancer,” but he’s not T-Pain. The way the dancer shakes it has Cash mesmerized in his Chad Beats Krazy production.

Cash raps, “And when she shake it, she say baby make it rain on me/I love her even though she running game on me/But that’s fine, cause she a bad motherf-cker/She was spending all my money, think she take me for a sucker/I asked what she want, she money make her go/I couldn’t tell her no, the way she shake it on the pole.”

It wouldn’t be in CashOut’s nature to not have a song dedicated solely to “Money.” Cash collaborated with brother YoungGoDumb on his Levi Baggz production.

Cash is in love with dead presidents and the fast life, rapping, “I love getting money, I love stunting/I love bad b-tches and lean, I’m being honest/I love when shots go off and n-ggas start running/Cause I been in the hood since a n-gga was a youngin.”

Cash collaborated with FBG protégé Billionaire Black on song “Wit My Guys.” Cash and Billionaire rep their squad hard in this record.

Billion hits this track, rapping, “I’m all about my paper/I’m all about a bag/Gotta make sure my future better than my past/I just sit back, relax and roll a blunt of that gas/I ain’t got no friends, the only thing I trust is my Mack.”

Cash raps, “I just bought a crate of choppers, can’t wait to let them ride/Pull up on em get to blowing, watch them n-ggas do the dash/R.I.P to all my homies that was doing homicides/N-ggas instagramming pics about Lil B and GKI.”

Cash is cocky about his music. The St. Lawrence native feels there aren’t too many people as hard as him. Cash makes light work of his Chad Beats Krazy production, rapping, “Ok, I ain’t tryna argue with (creeps?), I’m just tryna let you know, sh-t, who I think the hardest to me/Like I said, I put my heart on the beat/I don’t like that funny sh-t they playing, all that sh-t is garbage to me.”

Cash dropped a snippet of his single “Like 2 Bragg” earlier this year. The small teaser was enough for fans to know it would be a banger. Cash didn’t disappoint with the track’s full release on this tape.

Cash boasts his trademark cocky demeanor on this Boris Jets and WildLife-produced track, rapping, “I’m tryna brag, summer time hot, I drop the top and now he mad/Keep it on the low, one time I ran off with his bag/My sh-t was getting low, you know I had to get it back.”

One track definitely worth listening to on this tape is “Da Story Part 1.” Cash rhymes a tale of him and his brother Young hustling work. The plot thickens towards the conclusion of this track, suggesting a part two is on its way.

Cash drops some serious bars in “Doin Numbers,” a Ty Whiteside production, rapping, “I heard they need that real they can ride to/Get high to, sit back and clear their mind to/If by any means, I gotta give em what they want/I rap about the streets, these other n-ggas don’t/The streets ain’t playing fair, so I be shooting first/I respect the shooter, can not respect the one who got murked.”

Cash is so “flee” he had to make a record about it. Flee is slang for being fresh with nice designer clothing. Cash is feeling himself, rapping, “All I know is Cash Out, LV, Louie, Double G, Gucci like I jumped out a movie/All these n-ggas goofy, wearing Truk Fit and Hollister/You can’t walk in my shoes cause you can’t afford the Pradas bruh.”

Cash’s latest project proves he is truly coming into his own as an artist. His mixtape is his best work yet. Cash preferred this project to focus on him and kept his guest features to a minimum. This worked in his favor as the listener’s attention was kept solely on budding South Side Chicago rapper.

Cash can be best regarded as a game spitter. Cash knows the streets well and knows how the game is played. Cash’s tape brought listeners inside the mind of a hustler. And Cash is all a true hustler thinks about.

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