Fly Ty (A Fly Visual) Says Chiraq Rapper DaWeirdo Reminds Him Of Slick Rick, Tyler The Creator and Andre 3000

Fly Ty (A Fly Visual) is perhaps the one of the top three videographers in not only Chicago, but the entire Midwest. His work speaks for itself. His work has garnered millions of views. But he produced his most creative work while working with up and coming Chicago talent DaWeirdo.

Fly Ty of A Fly Visual says DaWeirdo sends him music that allows him to be creative. Ty cites songs “Black Kenny,” “Sex Drugs” and “Bonfire Children” as some of the classics he had the honor of filming.

Ty provided his take on the filming process behind “BonFire Children.”

“That was Weirdo’s idea,” Ty said. “This our bonfire. You know a regular bonfire be a bunch of mother f*ckers just sitting in a circle smoking. This what’s going on in our s**t. People going through s**t.”

Ty acknowledges the challenges of working with an artist with a talent as unique as DaWeirdo’s.

“He’s from the same area, he’s from the same environment, it’s just his mind work a little different,” Ty said. “Good music always go overlooked. It’s kind of frustrating to me because that’s my best work. Some of my best work is with DaWeirdo. 10, 15,000 or some s**t, then I do some regular pick up a gun, 40 with a 30, f**k a opp type sh*t and that sh*t be 3, 400,000. I be like wow this what the people want. They want this sh*t.”

Ty went on to describe DaWeirdo’s artistry.

“He tell stories in all his raps. He remind me of Slick Rick meets Tyler The Creator meets Andre 3000,” he said. “That’s how I would describe his style. What he’s doing right now is he’s got a big a-- bag of concrete and he tryna make his own lane. It’s gone take longer, it’s gone be even harder, we gon get that motherf****r paid up.”

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