Fredo Santana Says He & Chief Keef Don’t Write Their Music

Fredo Santana shed light on his creative process when recording his music in “The Life Of Chief Keef And GBE: Episode 1.”

Fredo told his producer he doesn’t write his music and would much rather freestyle.

He elaborated more on this strategy during an interview with Village Voice. The Savage Squad Records frontman even revealed Sosa no longer writes.

“I don’t write. I ain’t wrote since like March,” he told Village Voice. “I put the headphones on and feel the beat come through my body. I did the ‘Jealous’ song in like five minutes. Promise. Ask the engineer. I’m trying to force [my friends] not to write. Keef don’t write no more either. He ain’t wrote since like, Finally Rich.

Fredo went on to say some of Hip Hop’s hottest rappers don’t write, including Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane.

“Jay, Wayne, Gucci, the best don’t write,” he continued. “That’s how I stopped. I was in the studio with Gucci and Scooter and I was like, ‘Damn these boys going fast as hell.’ I was like, ‘I’m not writing no more.’”

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