G Herbo Previews Unreleased ‘Glo Limit’ Song With Chief Keef

#gherbo previews unreleased #glolimit song with #chiefkeef 😱🔥🔥

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Chief Keef and G Herbo’s “Glo Limit” project is a reality. G Herbo previewed an unreleased record featuring the Glo Gang boss Friday. 808 Mafia is behind the production on the track.

Herb was in traffic when he previewed the record.

“Hold on, I got a surprise for y’all,” Herb said. “I’ma give y’all two seconds of this s**t. That’s all y’all b****s get is two seconds.”

G Herbo and Chief Keef are preparing to drop an atomic bomb on the culture. Herb and Sosa confirmed to fans a project entitled “GLOLIMIT” was on the way.

Herb made the announcement when posting a photo of Sosa onto his IG account. He captioned his post, “Me and my n****a almighhh don’t like nobody. Got sum 4 you b*****s #GLOLIMMM.”

Sosa wrote in Herb’s comment section, “GLOLIMIT [Cap Or Die].”

#chiefkeef and #gherbo announce #glolimit

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In January, Herb and Sosa linked together in Los Angeles, California.

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#chiefkeef x #gherbo in the studio 👀

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In November, Herbo announced preparation for a collaboration during an interview with All Hip Hop.

“I talk to Sosa all the time,” G Herbo said. “I talk to Keef all the time. We FaceTime. That’s my homie. It’s just a matter of us sitting down and doing songs and s**t like that. Like I f**k with him. That’s my homie. We be talking all the time. That’s a great place in the city to be in right now. When they see that, it’s gon shut the City down all the way.”

Watch at 22:00-minute mark below:

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