G Herbo Reveals He FaceTimed Rico Recklezz

G Herbo is not sweating the disrespectful lyrics Rico Recklezz directed towards him in song “Hit Em Up (Remix).”

Herb told VladTV during a sit-down interview he has no issues with Rico.

“I’m the type of guy that does not like negative energy,” he said. “I don’t want negative energy around me because I know when I think violent, I can be a violent person. When I think negative, I can be a negative person.”

Herb says he has nothing but respect for Rico, and even got on FaceTime with him.

“…I f**k with Rico Recklezz. I literally just talked to him on the phone,” he said. “I FaceTimed him on the phone with [DJ Milticket] like ‘Wassup,’ just playing with him and s**t. ‘What yo slow ass on.’ I never took no offense by it or none of that. If we see each other, we gon shake each other hand. He ain’t mean no arm b it. He don’t wanna do nothing to me.”

Check out interview in full above.

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