G Herbo Reveals Snoop Dogg Stole His Swishers

G Herbo sat down with HotNewHipHop to recount a time the legendary Snoop Dogg stole his Swisher Sweets.

“I was in Atlanta at Tree Sound Studio. I left some Swishers on the table just like this. I was smoking weed on the couch. I left the swishers, went in the studio and recorded for like an hour,” Herb said. “I came back out looking for my swishers, I couldn’t find them. I’m like, ‘Who the f**k took my swishers?’ He ain’t even gon remember cause he smoke so much weed. He probably don’t even know who I am. He a legend. I swear this s**t crazy as f**k. I lay my swishers down. I come back out. I’m like ‘Where my swishers at?’ I go in the room, he like, ‘Yeah, these was your swishers? I smoke these b****s, man. I smoked these young blood. Took my swishers, so I wasn’t even trippin. You can have them b*****s, Uncle Snoop. Snoop Dogg stole them swishers, man.”

G Herbo missed his first opportunity to smoke with Snoop. Last year, Herb expressed his desire to smoke with Snoop during a stop on the West Coast for his “Darkest Before Dawn” tour. Herb copped some official Cali Mary Jane during his time.

Herb was excited after copping some “Moon Rocks,” a stronger type of marijuana.

“We got Moon Rocks right here,” Herb said as he showed off his product. “That’s all we smoke is 100, $200 blunts.”

Herb showed off a blunt with “wax and moon rock wrapped around it.” The NLMB rapper expressed interest in smoking it with Snoop Dogg.

“Uncle Snoop, get up with me,” he said.

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