Lud Foe Wants To Build A YMCA For Kids In Chicago

Lud Foe hopes to give back to his hometown of Chicago one day. Foe spoke on his dreams for the shorties during a sit-down interview with The Durtty Boyz.

“I wanna build a YMCA. I wanna build a big a-- YMCA,” Foe said. “I wanna build like a game hall. I wanna build a big a-- little company. I want to put it right next to a school, like an elementary school. Where all the kids go after school, everyday they get out of school, I got a game room room right up the street. On the first floor, it’s all games for kids. Then when you go on the second floor, it’s for swimming. Then you go on third floor, it got paint ball shooting, and go-kart riding. Then when you above that, it’s like a bar lounge. Like a hookah lounge for adults. I always wanted to do something like that , and put it right by a school.”

Foe said he didn’t have many outlets himself while growing up.

“When I was a kid, sometimes I chose the streets over school. I ain’t had nothing to do with my time, but sell dope. I ain’t wanna go to no school.

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