Lud Foe Reveals How He Linked With Chance The Rapper

Lud Foe and Chance The Rapper are two of the biggest artists in Chicago. Foe and Chance previously collaborated on song “I Shoulda Left You,” featuring Jeremih.

Lud Foe described how he met Chance during a recent interview with the Durtty Boyz.

“[Chance] hit me up like, ‘Man, Joe. I want you on this on this song.’ I already f**k with Chance The Rapper, though,” Lud Foe said. “His music, I already f**k with him. He said he was a fan of my music. I was already a fan of his music. He just called my manager like, ‘Man, Joe. Hook me up with Foe. I’m tryna work with little bro. I wanna put him on my single with Jeremih.’ I’m like, ‘Ok, send the song through.’ I recorded it, sent it back. He put it on his album.”

Foe said the collaborative record gained him a lot of exposure.

“I respect Chance The Rapper a whole lot for that,” Foe said. “A lot of rappers that’ in the industry, they be big, like real big? They don’t really give back to the young youth.”

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