G Herbo Talks Quitting Lean In New Song Teaser

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G Herbo admitted in many interviews he had a Lean addiction. Herb talks quitting sizzurp in a new song teaser.

G Herbo raps, “Spent me last on codeine, I was dumb a– f**k/Leaning, be so sleep, sometimes I ain’t wanna f**k/Had to quit that s**t cause I love to f**k.”

G Herbo previously told XXL Magazine he gave up Lean.

“It’s really just a bunch of reasons I had for not drinking lean. I’ve been drinking lean since I was like 15,” he said. “Lean is a real drug, a very powerful drug. And I was addicted to it. It’s a mind thing. And like, I’m honest, I loved drinking lean but I was always in control. It was really just a matter of me growing up and it was really doing something to my body. Now, there’s a lot of bonuses with it like you save money. It’s a real expensive habit, you know what I’m saying? So it was really me maturing and realizing I don’t really need it and I ain’t letting nothing control me. So, I’m just trying something different. And it’s not even like a phase. I really want to go clean for like at least a year, two years so I can really get in control and meet the milestones I want to meet. Then, maybe get back into that, but not the way I was at first. I control what I do. It was my bad habit.”

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