GBE Member BallOut Disses Soulja Boy In ‘Boss Shit’

Glory Boyz Entertainment member BallOut didn’t leave his beef with Soulja Boy on social media. He also put it on a diss track.

BallOut took a shot at the SODMG front man on song “Boss Shit” from his solo debut mixtape “Ballin No NBA.”

BallOut disparaged Soulja Boy, rapping, “They like Ball ‘You took his chain?’ Boss shit.”

Listen to BallOut’s “Boss Shit” below

But it appears Soulja Boy got the last laugh.

The “Diamonds For Everyone” rapper allegedly was robbed of the same chain he stole from SODMG front man Soulja Boy.

The chain was snatched from BallOut during a scuffle with King Louie’s Man Up Band Up camp at the Windy City Thrift Tour concert in Davenport, IA.

The scuffle occurred during Lil’ Durk’s “Dis Ain’t What You Want” performance.

The piece of jewelery then ended up in the hands of Davenport man Cameron Oliver.

Oliver took to Facebook to say he has Soulja Boy’s chain.

“No Play Play We Here… Contact Soulja Boy Tell em We got his shit….” he wrote.

Check out fight between Chief Keef’s GBE camp & King Louie’s MUBU crew below

The Jesus piece chain is the primary reason behind the dissolution of GBE and SODMG’s relationship.

BallOut and Soulja Boy went back and forth via Twitter over the chain.

Chief Keef even immersed himself into drama by throwing subliminal shots at his former protégé.

Just recently, Chief Keef sneak dissed the rapper on Twitter, writing, “I told my bitch I Love Her N I Take It backkkkk Ballout took his Chain shid Take it Backkkkkkkk.”

Chief Keef previously added more fuel to the fire, tweeting, “We Takin Chains And Bitches.”

Chief Keef approved of BallOut’s thievery as he retweeted his fellow GBE associate’s twit pic of Soulja’s chain.

Shortly after retweeting BallOut’s pic, he wrote, “All this Fake ass Jewelery.”

BallOut boasted on popular social media site Twitter that he robbed Soulja Boy of his prized Jesus Piece gold chain.

“ME N My Niggas We Str8 Takn Shit #Squadddddddd


“N L.A. Pushin On Niggas Jus Too This Nigga @souljaboy Chain Des Niggas Fak As Shit I B Takin Shit #300shit,” BallOut wrote.

The “I Got A Bag” rapper even took to Instagram to post a photo of himself wearing the jewelry.

“#ForGotTooUpload #BossShit,” the caption on the photo read.

Soulja Boy Wearing His Jesus Piece Gold Chain

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