Old Man Spits Wisdom To Chief Keef

Chief Keef got some invaluable advice from one of his most unlikely fans. An elderly man set out to school the teenage rapper on his priorities.

Chief Keef initially took to Twitter to boast his Gangster persona.

“N****s Lucky da Judge Got me in Rehab! N****s Woulda Been…” Sosa, who is currently undergoing court-ordered rehabilitation in California, placed special emphasis on the ellipsis following his statement.

The elderly man Rusty Redenbacher @rustymk2 rebuked Sosa’s statement and told the Englewood native to be more mindful of his words and actions as he is not a parent.

“Shut up and get your life together. You got two kids,” @rustymk2 wrote.

Chief Keef has two children with a potential third on the way. Sosa is known to keep his beloved daughter Kayden “Kay Kay” Cozart in his presence.

It was recently learned in late November, Sosa fathered a child with 30-year-old Erica Early after a DNA test was conducted.

Chief Keef was ordered to pay $2,500 a month beginning in December for the next 10 months, according to the Chicago Tribune. Sosa also owes 10 months of child support to Early totaling $25,000 by Dec. 31.

Chief Keef must also obtain medical and life insurance for the child.

Chief Keef is expecting a baby boy with his current on and off again girlfriend. The child is due in January and will be named King Mon’e Cozart.

Sosa found Rusty’s comments comical, writing, “Lmao U lucky u a old a-- man But u right Get my life together! Dat don’t mean If i wasn’t in rehab N----- wouldn’t be……”

Rusty then went on to use his time to uplift the young O’Block Black Disciple rather than bash him.

“@ChiefKeef you got the world at your feet, my man. Get your mind right, focus on your health and career, raise your children.”

“@ChiefKeef good luck and God bless, young brutha. Make the most of everything. I wish you all the best going forward. It’s all on you,” he wrote.

Sosa was appreciative of Rusty’s encouraging words.

“@rustymk2 I Got u Thanks Big homie. And aye jus sit back and Watch me!” he wrote.

Rusty concluded his words of advice, saying Sosa has the power to change the world.

“@ChiefKeef you know what…? I’m gonna..and I believe you have the power to do great things. Let’s go, Sosa. It’s your time

“@ChiefKeef I wish you the best, brutha. I really do. You’ve been given a golden opportunity, actually, quite a few. Don’t f--- it up,” he wrote.

Rusty’s assessment of Sosa’s many opportunities wasn’t too far fetched.

As an Englewood teen, Sosa was headed down a wrong path that would’ve ultimately landed him in prison or dead.

At age 15, Chief Keef, born Keith Cozart, was charged with manufacture and delivery of h-----, a Class X felony, according to the police records obtained by He was sentenced to home confinement.

Sosa would later have a run-in with the law that would forever change his life.

On Dec. 2, 2011, Police responded to a call of shots fired just before noon on the 6100 block of South Indiana, according to

Police confronted Chief Keef as he was walking out of his grandmother’s apartment complex. Chief Keef, who was 16 years old at the time, brandished a loaded “blue-steel handgun” and eluded police for a half-block before being apprehended.

While in pursuit, police fired several shots at Cozart, but missed, according to a police report obtained by

Though the rapper didn’t fire his weapon, he did point his gun at officers- twice.

Cozart reportedly was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a firearm on a police officer and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon- all felonies. He was sentenced to home confinement at his grandmother’s house- the same home where he recorded “I Don’t Like,” one of the most viral hit records and music videos of this generation.

Chief Keef later signed a multi-million dollar deal with Interscope Records.

Chief Keef joked he didn’t know Rusty’s “old a--,” but wondered aloud that perhaps he was sent by God.

“Idk his old a-- but but maybe God sent him he cool tho!” he wrote

“People don’t know Tho me And God Bestfriends,”

“He told me kill all the Devils Obstacles!” Sosa added.

Another fan regarded Sosa as a “street inspiration.”

Yung Drip @YungDripMME wrote, “@ChiefKeef you got the potential to help n----- get out da hood like you…#StreetInspiration.”

Sosa replied, “…I try n****s Untrustworthy.”

Sosa spent much of 2013 engulfed in legal woes with the law and concert promoters over missed scheduled concert performances. Sosa, who now has a renewed sense of vigor in his craft, said he would put all that behind him and focus on making the current year prosperous.

“Oh n b------ As we’ll I’m Done Playin. I ain’t been takin advantage of s---. I got a movie deal don’t use it. My own label Only gang Signed,

“Mfs Tryna do endorsements been Tryna do dat, all Dese shows I been Missin. All Dese award shows and big event I said F**k. All dis s---!

“I’m talking bout I did so much Saying No to everything No to 106&park, Nike, Adidas, Pelle & More I can’t think of But Shid Im Finna turn up!

“Watch This! Right Hand to YahWeh,” he wrote.

Sosa commented he plans to build upon his brand and be more productive. But he will continue to keep his distance from the industry. It is still Glo Gang over everything else for Chief Keef.

“But jus To show u all I’m not A Industry n---- No one can say I’m Fake I f**k wit nun Dese N****s. n****s Fake get phony actin Like h---!

“Why u Think u never see Me no where Holdin Dick, takin Pics. Cuz me and My Globoyz we don’t Like people! Grew up like dat!

“I can Have So much mo If I start Being more participative. I mean But S--- now I know And You All know! Guess Wat I’m Still GLO’D All Up,” he wrote.

Chief Keef is currently prepping the release of “Bang 3” mixtape. The project had an initial release date of Dec. 25, but has since been pushed back. Sosa promised fans the project is coming soon.

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