CashOut063 Plans To Rule Rap Scene In ‘C.R.E.A.M.’ Mixtape

CashOut063 has been very busy following the release of sophomore mixtape “No More Free Cash.” Aside from forming his newfound venture BossCity Ent., Cash has been busy in the studio cooking up some more heat for the streets to rock to. The South Side Chicago rapper boasts a cocky demeanor. But that’s typical of a FBG Clout Boy. This provides reasoning on why Cash is so confident about his upcoming project “C.R.E.A.M.” C.R.E.A.M, coined by famed NYC Hip Hop group Wu Tang Clan, is an acronym for the “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.” The track is considered a classic by many Hip Hop heads. caught up with the St. Lawrence and 63rd native for the inside scoop on “C.R.E.A.M.” – – Alphalpha

Why did you title your upcoming mixtape “C.R.E.A.M.?”

Because besides God and my kids, cash really does rule everything around me! It’s a way of life… my livelihood, so I chose “C.R.E.A.M.”

What features do you have on the tape? Producers?

Of course, I got my blood little brother [YoungGoDumb]. I’ve got Billionaire Black, Young Truck and FBG Duck. I don’t really like features. I believe I’m harder than a lot of these n*ggas, so I don’t need to reach out.

… Like 20 tracks finished… and I swear this sh*t hard! Producers on there are Ty Whiteside, Chad Beats Krazy, Levi Baggz, Boris Jets x Wildlife and a couple more.

What can we expect differently with this mixtape than your previous projects?

The quality makes it better. I really got outside the box this time. I feel like they sign a lot of one hit wonders… I got six years worth of hits on one mixtape.

What songs on the tape stick out the most?

All of em speak for theyselves, but “Whip Look Stolen,” “Like 2 Bragg” and “I’m Flee” put me on a whole nother scale than these n*ggas.

How would you describe your progression with your craft?

Being in jail and being low on cash got me hungry for this cash! I’m hungry and I’m really f*cking better than these rappers. My craft is at an all time high.

What do you think about the state of Chicago Hip Hop in early 2014?

I think it’s good that rappers like Durk, Spenzo, Chance, Bibby and Herbie really puttin on, but the quality is so whack… washed up. The industry must really like bullshit rap! (Laughs) It’s like hey! I’m right here, come sign me. But the music gone speak for itself. I just gotta push it right. But bottom line is my kids gotta eat off this! I’m a convicted felon… this s--- gotta work, I will not stop.

What separates FBG Clout Boys from the rest?

It’s crazy what makes us unique! We started everything like really everything… the slang! Unfortunately, the violence… as a group we make the best music. Sometimes, we not on the same page as a group, but together can’t nobody else f*ck with us.

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