Mixtape Review: Gino Marley- ‘Greater Than Great’

Gino Marley has been catering to the needs of hardcore trap fanatics ever since his introduction to the rap scene. Gino gives fans what they crave in his latest mixtape. Gino not only feeds the streets and suburbs with his project, he also sets out to show the world he is cut from a different cloth; hence the title of his DJ Bandz and Trap-A-Holics-hosted project “Greater Than Great.” Gino makes a believer out of listeners with 13 tracks of trap music goodness.

Gino refers to his swagger as his “flava.” Gino oozes a whole lotta flava in his opening track, rapping, “Yo b-tch, she on my line she like my flava/I got a old school trap game, hit my pager/Couple shots and I swear they change yo flavor/30 shot glock I shoot, that’s my favorite.”

Gino also makes it known he is your go to pusher man. He has everything the fiends need, rapping, “Can’t miss a beat, on every door, knock out the molly man, serving them patients/Got (trouble loads?) car loads, whatever you need, ain’t no need for waiting.”

Gino again professes that he is the guy you should call for work in “Ya Boi.”

“If you need work, I’m your boy,” he raps.

But Gino is not alone. Trap King Fredo also is “Ya Boi” if you need him.

Gino is self-paid and self-made. Gino is a veteran in the streets and the underground trap world. He regards himself as a “Made Man.” There are not much people who would oppose Gino in this area.

It’s in Gino’s plans to be great. What is so hard to “Understand” about that? Gino is on the pursuit of wealth and power in his DJ Kenn production, rapping, “It’s in my plans to be the man/In my plans to f-ck that b-tch/It’s in my plans to get them Ms/I hope that you can understand/Hope they can understand/Can’t shake no hands!”

Gino sought the production talents of Young Chop for “Wannabe.” Gino spits some real talk as he ponders what the current state of his life would be if he wasn’t trapping. Gino tells listeners they could be anything they set their minds to, but the worst mistake they can make is being something they’re not.

“What would I, what could I be if it wasn’t for weed?/I sold it, but I smoked it most, with me and my team/What would I, these bullets come free, yeah these bullets come free/How could I? A n-gga broke, but be off of these streets/What would I, what would I be if that happened to me?”

Gino Marley lives the fast life. Shootouts in the hood make a n-gga remember “Last Night,” he raps.

Gino knows this dangerous lifestyle all too well. Lil Herb and SD do too. All three artists try to stay two steps ahead in the dope game to survive the gritty nights.

Jugging is a lifestyle and Gino knows it all too well. This is essentially the theme of this tape. Nonetheless, Gino is busting juggs in his Protégé Beatz single.

Gino raps “Took my trap to the A, so a n***a busting juggs/I do that, just get this/I don’t need no diamonds up in this b***h/30 shot up in my glock, ain’t no jamming up in this b***h.”

Fredo Santana is back in action on Gino’s tape in song “With Da Sh-t.” With the shits is a popular phrase coined in Chiraq. It means to be bout that action. Fredo and Gino are definitely bout that in their new single.

Gino raps, “I’m with the shits, off the shits/Pull up on you dropping shit/Pockets full of gwop and sh-t/Piss by the front and sh-t/Pistols where the kitchen is/Started at my granny crib.”

Gino again sought the production skills of DJ Kenn in song “This and That.” Gino is a fixture in the criminal underworld. He has dabbled in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But according to Gino, one gets used to it.

He raps, “We talking work, know the molly, sold a lot of that/Fiends know through the hood, I done done a lot of crack/Back and forth I used the back/The front, we invented that/The game, just adapt to that/Go 50 hanging out the mac.”

Gino makes trapping look easy in “Believe Me.” Gino goes in on his 808 On Da Track production, “I whip that cocaine sh-t until it bubble up/And molly call the plays, I tell them huddle up/I work the pot and work my wrist, it’s swollen up.”

Gino is one of the frontrunners of trap music. But what Gino offers to the genre is real life experience. There are artists in the game who talk the talk, but never walked the walk. Don’t believe us, we’ll let Gino tell it. We guarantee Gino will make a believer out of you. Stream or download Gino’s greatness below.

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