Mixtape Review: I.L Will and Mikey Dollaz- ‘OvaTyme’

One works overtime for a bigger paycheck on payday. A bigger paycheck means you can better take of yourself whether it’s paying bills or buying new things. I.L Will and Mikey Dollaz are working “OvaTyme” for a bigger reward in their grind. The two Chi Town artists need no introduction. They are one of the Chi’s hottest talents at the forefront of the city’s burgeoning Hip Hop movement. I.L and Mikey join forces for their first joint mixtape together. It should be noted Mikey is experienced on the joint mixtape hustle as this is his third project. This includes “Business N Pleasure” with Dreezy and “Murder We Wrote” with Asa. The last collaborative mixtape the Mikey and I.L dropped together was M.I.C’s “Next 2 Blow” project with fellow member Lil Chris. The two K-Town artists are continuing to promote the M.I.C. brand with their latest DJ Moon Dawg-hosted project.

I.L Will and Mikey Dollaz are chasing their blessings and putting in “OvaTyme,” so it may come to fruition. IL tackles their opening track, rapping, “I put in work like overtime, extendos hit him 30 times/Said he put in work, but I know he lying/That sh-t you selling, I ain’t buying.”

Mikey raps, “They know the name, call me Mikey Dollaz/I call em Twitter, have these n-ggas follow/I’m drinking Molly out of Remy bottle/They don’t want no war, they know I keep some hollows.”

IL and Mikey “Ain’t Playing” any games. And they put that on Komack. The two artists keep the bars rolling on this tape.

Mikey spits, “Sh-t a get real, blood a be spilled/Them bodies that nobody found/I’m chasing that money, that snow, wind and sunny, ball or get pissed off a mound/I smoke when I choke, duty to dope/I’m blowing my s--- by the pound.”

IL follows Mikey, rapping, “Bet you know I ain’t playing, I run up I’m spraying/Tatted like Migo, got cheese like Dorito, but not Mexican/I hope that one day the Lord a forgive me for al of my sins.”

IL and Mikey solve problems without drawing too much attention to themselves. A person can get handled with no questions asked.

“If a b-tch got a problem, it’s solved without a sound,” Mikey raps.

Mikey continues, rapping, “I’m just letting these n-ggas know, off a name I’m hearing n-ggas h---/Never lacking gotta keep the pole/To the top where we finna go.”

IL raps, “My n-ggas be on hunchos/I don’t f-ck around with clowns/Run a train on a thot h-e, I’ll f-ck her in the mouth/That bullsh-t you rapping, you really ain’t about.

I.L Will and Mikey Dollaz have clear vision. All they see is dope smoke and money.

I.L Will begins this track, rapping, “I love my n-ggas no h---, I will pull up with that 4-4/Get to sneezing with this snub nose/Fatz World where I wanna go/Pop a flat, now I’m a animal/Rappers can’t get on my pedestal.”

Mikey raps, “These n-ggas don’t know smoke/He talking crazy, I’ma drop him with the 4-4/Got the work for the low low/Make my b-tch drop it off in the low low.”

It’s important for IL and Mikey to see green on their road to success. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. The two artists feel they are so close to their goals, but also far away from it. Nonetheless, they are going to continue pushing.

I.L raps, “That money seem so close, but it’s far away. If I’m alive, won’t be no pain on my daughter face/If you see me cry, it’s cause I’m thinking of some better days/Tryna get some better weed, tryna get some better yay.”

Mikey raps, “Thinking bout that money, for that bread I need a team going/100 form a jump, so a b-tch I don’t lean on/What the f-ck is we on, we be on that money b-tch/50 in that mack, so don’t try no funny sh-t.”

Mikey Dollaz and I.L Will are smooth criminals in “Case Closed.” This is one of the latest singles released from their new project. According to Mikey, the street sh-t is done with little effort as they have been in it since shorties.

I.L Will and Mikey Dollaz trade sick bars in “OutBreak.” The track, which originally made its debut on I.L’s “Itz Da Mak B*tch” mixtape, contains a sample from Que’s “OG Bobby Johnson.”

One of the most notable tracks on this tape includes “Out That Jam” featuring FBG Duck and Billionaire Black. The bars on this track are A1.

I have longed said I.L and Mikey are one of the most consistent artists on Chicago’s underground Hip Hop scene. IL and Mikey recently dropped their latest solo tapes “Itz Da Mak B*tch” and “Street Life 2,” respectively. They are threat in their solo careers, but they are downright dangerous when combining their talents. But don’t take our word for it. Check out these two at work below.

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