Glory Boyz Entertainment Rapper Ballout Shows His Skills In ‘Ballin No NBA’ Mixtape

Glory Boyz Entertainment is one of the premier rap camps out of Chicago led by popular drill rappers Chief Keef and Fredo Santana.

But other members are working to prove GBE is more than just a crew, but rather a crew of talent.

GBE member BallOut set out to prove his skills are up to par for the starting lineup with his “Ballin No NBA” mixtape.

The mixtape, hosted by Trap-A-Holics & DJ Victoriouz, blends “drill” and “trap music.”

BallOut uses his lyricism to interweave through topics of gang banging, money and drug use.

BallOut receives an assist from Interscope artist Chief Keef on the first track in “Been Ballin’” to anchor off the project.

In “Been Ballin,’” BallOut raps, “BallOut, baby been ballin’ since the sixth grade/Ear rings was so big, couldn’t even see my damn face/This is the mixtape/Ballin’ no NBA.”

Keef follows BallOut’s verse, rapping, “Chief Sosa baby, I been ballin’ hard no discount/ Three cars, six house/ You can’t tell me s--- now/ And I got it made, so I ain’t taking s--- out.”

Check Out “Been Ballin” Official Music Video Below

BallOut’s next tracking worth checking out is “Bandz,” which features GBE’s game spitter SD.

The rappers, using auto-tune, trade verses telling the listeners the luxury their money has afforded them.

In “Bandz,” BallOut raps “I f--- all yall h--- cuz I got big bandz I know, Don’t get your face tied down to the floor/I love smoking on strong/I aint stunting none of yall h---.”

SD raps, “I got big bandz I know, I got bank rollz/I ride foreign cars, BallOut be riding low lows/My rims loco/ O’Block 300, we got big bandz bankrolls.”

Check Out “Bandz” Official Music Video Below

Arguably, the catchiest song on the mixtape is “Boss S---” featuring Black Disciple O.G. Blood Money. This song also happens to be the most controversial.

BallOut took a shot at the SODMG front man Soulja Boy on the track, rapping, “They like Ball ‘You took his chain?’ Boss s---.”

Listen to “Boss S---” Below

BallOut reportedly stole the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper’s Jesus Piece chain.

The chain is the primary reason behind the dissolution of GBE and SODMG’s relationship.

Not only did BallOut diss Soulja, he also co-signed a controversial rap lyric from Maybach rapper Rick Ross, rapping, “Put molly all in her drank on my Ross s---” in song “U.O.E.N.O.”

Ross caught fire after rapping the line, which many critics say promotes the date rape of women.

“Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it/I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it,” he rapped.

Ross apologized, but was still dropped from his multi-million dollar endorsement deal with Reebok endorsement.

The track “Change” can be viewed as a GBE all-star track as it features Fredo Santana, Lil’ Durk, Capo and Gino Marley.”

Other songs worth checking out are “My Set,” featuring Tray Savage; “Instagram,” featuring Fredo Santana; and “Trap spot,” featuring Fredo Santana.

Head over to Datt Piff to download BallOut’s “Ballin No NBA” mixtape by clicking here.

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