Gospel Artist Juanita Bynum Reveals Being Intimate with Women in Radio Interview

Juanita Bynum offered a confession to listeners during a radio interview on V103 Chicago with hosts Frank and Wanda. The author and gospel artist revealed she has been intimate with women in her past.

“I’ve been there and I’ve done it all,” she said. “I’ve done the drugs. I’ve been with men. I’ve been with women. It’s not a line, it’s my life.”

Bynum appeared on the radio show to promote her stage play “Get Your Life Back- It’s Your Life and If You Don’t Like It…. Change It!”

“That abuse that I suffered was because I attracted after my kind,” she said. “That abuse was already sitting in me. I had already abused myself mentally and emotionally for years to trying to fill a void only the power of purpose could feel.”

Bynum’s theatre production debuted in Atlanta, GA at The Balzer Theater at Herren’s on July 13 and July 14. The stage play offers hope for individuals seeking redemption from past mistakes.

“When purpose has a place to feel that hole in you, you keep reaching for everything you can reach,” Bynum said. “You can have sex with 50,000 people, You can do drugs till cows come home, but the void that you’re trying to fill is a void that has been put there by the creator and it’s called purpose and destiny. Until you accept that, you’re going to walk around with the living dead.”

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