Gucci Mane Tells Kids To Stay Away From Lean

It was recently announced Gucci Mane would be serving the next three years of his life in prison after pleading guilty to a charge of a firearm by a convicted felon. Gucci Mane has accepted responsibility for his actions leading to his arrest.

The “I Heard” rapper was arrested Friday, Sept. 14 after authorities found him in an erratic state with a Glock 40-caliber handgun and 11 rounds of ammunition, according to court documents obtained by AJC. Davis was discovered two days before on Sept. 12 with a Taurus 45-caliber handgun and eight rounds of ammunition.

Gucci Mane attributed his actions to drug addiction. Despite his incarceration, Guwop made sure to relay messages to his Twitter account regarding the dangers of popular beverage lean.

The audience he wanted to reach most was his young fans.

“To all the young people who follow me I beg ya’ll stay away from codeine cough medicine it’s not cool to be in jail or early grave #Guwop.

“#f*cklean #trustgod #Guwop,” he wrote.

“The difference – in a book you learn your lesson to avoid mistakes. in the streets you make mistakes and have to learn from them,” he added.

Lean is a drink concoction made of Promethazine-Codeine cough syrup, Sprite and Jolly Rancher candy.

Lean, often called “Sizzurp” or “Purple Drank” has its origins in the South after Houston producer DJ Screw popularized the beverage.

Lean, when induced, provides its user a sedated feeling. Long-term use can have deadly side effects.

DJ Screw was found dead Nov. 16, 2000 in his studio following an overdose from a combination of Lean and drugs. A toxicology report found codeine, Valium and PCP in his system.

In September, Gucci Mane revealed he was battling an addiction to Lean following an infamous Twitter rant. Gucci later professed he would be entering rehab.

Gucci, whose birth name is Radric Davis, apologized to family and fans for his actions, saying he was “embarrassed.”

“Woke up the other day out this hospital bed & I’m so embarrassed & ashamed of my behavior that was brought to my attention. (Cont)

“I just wanna man up right now & take this time to apologize to my family, friends, the industry & most of all my fans. I’m SORRY! (Cont)

“I’ve been drinking lean for 10plus years & I must admit it has destroyed me. I wanna be the first rapper to admit (cont)

I’m addicted to lean & that s--- ain’t no joke. I can barely remember all the things I’ve done & said. However there’s no excuse. (Cont)

I’m currently incarcerated but I will be going to rehab because I need help. I wanna thank everyone that has stood by me (cont)

during this difficult time. Please keep me in your prayers. #GUWOP

Lil Boosie also knows the dangers of Lean.

The “Show The World” rapper spoke with TMZ regarding Actavis pulling their promethazine-codeine product from the market.

Boosie reportedly said he nearly died three or four times from the beverage.

It’s “f*cked up a lot of rappers and the culture of Hip Hop,” Boosie said, according to TMZ.

The Baton Rouge rapper once battled an addiction to Lean. Boosie’s addiction was so bad, he attempted to have codeine smuggled into prison despite the grave consequences.

The consequences proved severe as he was caught and sentenced to eight years in Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

Lil Wayne suffered complications from long-term lean use of the beverage. He was rushed to the hospital in March after suffering multiple seizures.

Dr. George Fallieras, an emergency room physician and hospitalist at Good Samaritan Hospital, said codeine is an “opiate” and is in the “same family of drugs as h----- and morphine,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Fallieras commented codeine addiction is the same as h----- addiction, only without the needles. This is due to the large amounts of codeine Lean drinkers induce.

He further said it is difficult to overcome Lean addiction and likened codeine withdrawal to the worst flu possible.

“One patient said to me, ‘Imagine the worst flu when you’re shivering, you’re vomiting, you can’t eat, you have diarrhea, every atom in your body hurts, you can’t sleep, you lie on the floor just shivering … and multiply that times a million,’” Fallieras told the Times. “And you know if you can just take the pill or inject yourself with h-----, that it just all goes away.”

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