Houston OG Gets Trill Sammy’s Chain Back

Trill Sammy recently copped a new chain that was an exact replica of the one that was stolen in North Carolina.

Trill Sammy now has two chains because a Houston OG retrieved his chain. The Houston native posted a video explaining how he got the chain.

“Boys always saying H-Town don’t stick together. Crabs in the bucket, etcetera, etcetera,” he said. “Shout out to the North Carolina OGs. Texas where we do this at, you know what I’m saying? Somebody tell Trill Sammy I have his necklace. I’m a Houston OG, and I didn’t pay for it. There’s some real cats in North Carolina. Real recognize real. And even though he has a new one that’s fully iced out, he don’t even need this one no more, we wanted to bring it back to Houston, Texas. Let it be known, you not gon rob nobody or steal from nobody in Houston, Texas cause the OGs out here do give a f**k.”

The Houston OG went on to tell Trill Sammy to pick up the chain, and that he wants nothing for it.

Over the weekend, Trill showcased his jewelry on snapchat, writing “F**k you broke a– n****s, boss up gone be televised.”

On Twitter, Trill added, “Let broke n****s stay broke,Ima keep runnin it up on em.”

Trill Sammy’s chain was snatched off his neck the night of Sept. 30 during a performance in Greensboro, NC.

Shortly after the robbery, North Carolina rapper Gunplay Mohdd revealed he purchased the Houston rapper’s chain and planned to return it.

Mohdd has now stated he was no longer in possession of the chain. He even hinted that he may perform with Trill Sammy later this month.

He wrote, “The chain is gone trill bouta get it back and we will be doing a show on the 28th in charlotte #blessed.”

Mohdd trended on social media after posting a photo onto social media of himself holding the chain alongside two friends.

“Tell Sammy hit us up and stuff,” he wrote.

He grips the chain in another post, writing, “Somebody tell trill we tryna give him his s**t back,” adding that he had nothing to do with the robbery.

Soulja Boy soon involved himself in hopes of retrieving the stolen jewelry.

Soulja Boy posted a snapshot of himself Facetiming the person responsible for Sammy’s chain theft. The man can be seen holding up Sammy’s jewelry.

Soulja captioned his post, “Finna go get my n***a SH*T bak.”

Trill Sammy was at Club Ultra when a man in the audience snatched his chain while he bent down. Sammy attempted to grab the man before he fled, but to no avail.

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