Armed Robbers Tried To Hit A Stain On Chief Keef’s Home

Chief Keef was almost caught lackin when robbers broke into his San Fernando Valley, CA home Sunday night, and made off with money, TMZ reports.

The suspects jumped over a wall at the home, and threw bricks to break a window. At least one of the suspects got into the home, and made off with one of Sosa’s money.

Fortunately for Sosa, there were plainclothes officers patrolling the area due to an uptick in burglaries lately.

The cops thwarted the burglary, but not before one of the suspects fired a shot. Luckily, no one was hit.

Two of the suspects were arrested, but one was got away in a getaway car.

Sosa was actually home during the burglary, and had not idea it happened. He was unharmed.

The captured suspects are being booked on burglary and weapons charges.

Sosa was not fazed by the failed robbery

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