Is Meek Mill’s ‘Amen’ Blasphemous?

Meek Mill’s new track ‘Amen’ is receiving considerable spins on the radio. But many find the track to be blasphemous.

Rev. Jomo K. Johnson, founder of the nondenominational evangelical Christian church, told the Philadelphia Daily News he is boycotting the Philadelphia native for lyrics he calls offensive.

The song, which features Toronto Hip-Hop artist Drake and R&B singer Jeremih, starts off with Meek saying, “I just wanna thank God/ For all the pretty women he let into my life/ All the Benjamins he let me count/ Wealth and health, for my family/ And lettin’ me BALL on these n**gas.

The Intro to the song doesn’t start off too bad, but it does get worse; much worse.

The hook proceeds after Meek Mill’s confession,’ where he raps, “Now it’s a lot of bad b**ches in the building (Ooh, Amen)/A couple real n**gas in the building (Amen)/I’m finna kill n**gas in the building (Amen)I tell the waiter fifty bottles and she tell me say when/ And I say church (Preach)/ We make it light up like a church (Preach)/ She wanna fuck and I say church (Preach)/ Do Liv on Sunday like a church (Ahh, Preach).

Johnson is fan of Hip Hop, but feels Meek Mill crossed the line. A resident of North Philadelphia, Johnson said he is revoking Meek’s ‘hood pass’ until he acknowledges his ‘blatant disrespect’ of the Christian faith.

“I’m a hip-hop fan,” he said. “But I believe there is a need to really call him out and say enough is enough. He seems to really be using the church as a backdrop and a parallel for some of the sinful things that he does.”

Hip Hop and R&B has undergone a major transformation in the current decade. The creativity and magic popular songs once exuded no longer permeate listeners’ ears. Shock value, not talent, is now needed to sell and promote records.

“Hip-hop started off as a reflection of life,” Johnson told Philadelphia News. “But what began to happen is hip-hop embodies some of the things it was struggling with … now the main motivation for hip-hop is money.”

Meek Mill & Drake- Making the Video (Amen)

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Meek Mill – Amen

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