Jarell Brooks’ Family Tells Jamie Rohrs to Disregard ‘Online Criticism’

Jamie Rohrs attended the Jarell Brook’s parents’ church Sunday following the deadly theater shooting that claimed the lives of a dozen moviegoers.

The couple received much criticism for bringing their 4-month-old son and 4-year-old daughter to a screening of “Dark Knight Rises.” Their decision may have potentially cost the lives of their family.

Jamie Rohrs, additionally, has received criticism for his handling as a parent during a time of crisis. Rohrs reportedly left his family to fend for themselves in a hail bullets shot by 24-year-old James Holmes.

Rohrs reportedly dropped his baby on the floor and fled the chaotic scene. He even went as far as driving away from the theater.

Deidra Brooks, Jarell’s mother, told Jamie Rohrs and fiancé Patricia Legarreta disregard the online criticism about why the family took such young children to a movie showing and to believe that God had a plan for the family, according to ABC News.

Several young men died early Friday in the theater protecting partners and children. The heroic victims include Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves.

Blunk saved 21-year-old girlfriend Jansen Young by pushing Jansen to the ground as the suspected gunman sprayed bullets in their direction.

Teves, 24, also protected his girlfriend by throwing her to the floor and shielding her.

Rohrs later proposed to his girlfriend following the incident at the hospital. Legarreta’s rescuer Jarell Brooks is recovering from a gunshot wound to the thigh he took while protecting her.

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