Jay-Z Praises Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain

Jay-Z offered his thoughts on Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and his influence on music in Pharrell Williams’ book “Pharrell: The Places and Spaces I’ve Been.”

Jay-Z and Pharrell discuss the grunge music pioneer’s influence on the early 90s music scene. Jay-Z even said that Cobain’s impact was so great that it stunted the growth of Hip Hop music for a short while.

“It was weird because hip-hop was becoming this force, then grunge music stopped it for one second, ya know?” Jay-Z said in the book, according to 106.7 KROQ. “Those ‘hair bands’ were too easy for us to take out; when Kurt Cobain came with that statement it was like, ‘We got to wait awhile.’”

“I have always been a person who was curious about the music and when those forces come on the scene, they are inescapable,” the Hip Hop superstar said. “Can’t take your eyes off them, can’t stop listening to them. [Cobain] was one of those figures. I knew we had to wait for a second before we became that dominant force in music.

Kurt Cobain was a highly controversial figure as lead singer of the widely popular grunge band Nirvana. The singer struggled with h----- addiction before he killed himself with a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head.

Head over to CBS Local 106.7 KROQ to read full interview by clicking here.

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