Jayo, Donnie Check and Teek Pesos Ball In “Cashout/Bandemic” Music Video

According to news outlets, the global economy was in near financial ruin due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

East Coast artists Jayo, Donnie Check and Teek Pesos can’t relate. It ain’t a pandemic for these three artists. It’s a “Bandemic” as they cash out in their new 1ajali-produced record.

The three artists can be seen in their collaborative visual effort sporting designer clothing, whipping nice vehicles and surrounding themselves with beautiful women.

Jayo opens this track, rapping, “These n****s plotting, and they watching face, so I gotta keep it on me just in case/Gang with me, don’t f**k around, that pocket rocket a send a n***a outer space/a n***a getting to a big bag, that’s how you know we got these n****s big mad.”

Donnie Check follows Jayo, rapping, “And my n****s, we ball like the Rockets/pretty n***a but holding a chopstick/Boom, gun going off hearing boom, that’s the sound before I clear out the room/She give me the face and I zoom/I get the money, then I’m out the room/I get the check on the first of the month, send a verse then I’m gonna dump.”

Donnie passes the baton to Teek Pesos who finishes this record, rapping, “Two glocks, twin reapers, he throwing shots his b***h in/I get a drop in a ben seater, I spin his block til his b***h squeeze it/Wait, I got a shooter who get back/Tell him to shoot, he shooting your wig back, I ain’t got time for these n****s they chit chat.”

Jayo, Donnie Check and Teek Pesos cash out in their Sage Wolf-directed music video. Watch above.

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