Philly Artist Aldryn Official Drops New Single ‘I Survived Pt. 1’

Philly rapper Aldryn Official has been in survival mode since he came out of the womb. Aldryn survived the trenches by getting it by any means.

The Philly artist opens up on his grind in new single “I Survived Pt. 1.”

Aldryn raps, “Here we go again, I can tell you opp just by your face/Oh yeah, they know it’s him, watching lurking, tryna learn my ways/Oh yeah, they know it’s real/Baby mama told me they gon hate/Only thing they know is Drill/He Milly rock with that glock/Better run that safe/I cannot partake with the fake/I can all day like Ye/I can give you DOA like Jay/I can do back to back like Drake.”

Listen to Aldryn Official’s “I Survived Pt. 1” in part one above.

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