Jeezy Accused Of Killing Concert Promoter In 2014

Jeezy is suspected of being directly involved in the shooting death of a concert promoter nearly three years ago, TMZ reports.

Eric Johnson died from injuries sustained during an August 2014 shooting backstage at Jeezy and Wiz Khalifa’s concert in Mountain View, CA. He was shot a total of five times.

TMZ reports family members say an eyewitness told Mountain View PD Jeezy was the triggerman in the incident. The same witness reportedly picked Jeezy out of a photo lineup as the shooter.

The subject in a police sketch artist’s drawing based on the account of a second witness looked eerily similar to the Snow Man rapper.

Johnson’s family says police haven’t provided any information in regards to the gunman who killed the promoter.

Johnson’s children are suing for funeral expense and other damages.

Jeezy’s lawyer had no comment to issue to TMZ.

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