Kevin Gates Admits To Eating Dog Food

Kevin Gates is very open about his life. He has revealed a lot of personal habits, including his love for eating a woman’s backside, sleeping with his cousin and now using h-----.

Gates revealed his use for doing h----- while recording his drop for DJ Booth.

“I might duck every now and then when I’m on the h-----, but I don’t get tired,” he said.

Gates has long professed his love for Lean, which, if consumed, provides the same effect one gets from using h-----.

Gates is currently selling his “I Don’t Get Tired” energy drink. Its can mirrors a bottle of Actavis-Promethazine. The cough syrup is one of the primary ingredients used to make Lean aka Sizzurp.

Gates took to IG to show his fans that his drink is currently being mass-produced.

“Without Sacrifice there can be no struggle and without struggle there can be no progress #bwa #iDONTGETTIRED #idgt #ToGodAloneBeTheGlory #TGABTG #iDont
getTired #idgt.

“#idgt I ain’t gotta rap and you know it #toGodAloneBeTheGlory

“call Coca Cola,They’ll tell you I don’t play” #idgt #iDontGetTired #ToGodAloneBeTheGlory #TGABTG #iDontGettired #idgt #bwa #idgt #khaza,” the captions on his post read.

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