Kid Cudi to Release Album Profanity and “N” Word Free

Good Music’s Kid Cudi plans to release an album absent of obscenities and the “N-word.” In an era where “dirty language” is common in the genre, Kid Cudi’s announcement is raising some eyebrows.

The 27-year-old Cleveland native took to Twitter to announce the release of his band WZRD’s album, which will be released on his birthday Jan. 30

The album is currently untitled.

He told fans, “The WZRD album does not contain any profanity or the usage of the word ‘n----.’ A universal album for everyone.”

NWA ushered in an era of gangster rap where cursing in a song became the norm. Many hip hop fans have critiqued Kid Cudi’s decision.

The “Day and Night” star is surprised by the backlash he has received regarding his decision. In response to the criticism, Cudi went on defense and said, “Haha man some of yall really upset theres no profanity? You know songs can be written without them right?”

He further added, “Some of yall, listen to so much ignorant s--- that that’s all you know or are accustomed to. My fans are smart, I know yall better then this.”

The album isn’t expected to be released under Good Music, a record label and management firm founded by music producer and rapper Kanye West. Though no label has been linked to Cudi’s latest project, it is expected to be released under his own label Wicked Awesome Records.

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