Kidd Kidd and Tony Yayo (G-Unit) Clap Back At Meek Mill For Dissing 50 Cent

Kidd Kidd and Tony Yayo are riding for 50 Cent.

The G-Unit rappers took to social media to defend Fif against Meek Mill. The Philly rapper dissed 50 Cent on his newly released “4/4” EP.

Kidd Kidd posted a photo onto IG of himself with Tony Yayo, Young Buck and Lloyd Banks.

The caption on his post read, “#lately we been waiting for a n***a to trip f-- mmg #loyaltyhasnoprice @50cent you kno the gan riding or nutin #RLLNR #THAMUSCLE #DAUNIT.”

Tony Yayo denied Meek Mill’s claims of 50 Cent being a snitch.

“Your boss Police f**k MMG

“N----- be talking this rat s--- if n----- was rats where the paperwork ?????????” he wrote on Twitter.

50 Cent spent much of Sunday clowning Meek Mill on IG.

Meek threw a lot of jabs at Fif in “4/4 EP,” namely songs “Pray For Em” and “Gave Em Hope.”

In song “Pray For Em,” Meek dedicated a bar to 50, rapping, “N****s hatin cause my numbers down, what’d you do, 50?/20 somethin, I did 250.”

Meek dedicated much of the second verse “Gave Em Hope” to 50 Cent. Meek pokes fun of 50 Cent’s failed boxing promotion venture. Fif had to file for bankruptcy for SMS Promotions LLC reporting assets and debts each between $100,000 and $500,000 in its chapter 11 filing, according to WSJ. Meek also calls 50 a rat and pokes fun at his street credibility.

Meek Mill raps:

“You popping s--- on your Instagram
S--- that you’re popping ain’t adding up
S--- that you’re popping ain’t making sense
I got fifty reasons say you’re taking dick
And it’s fifty reasons I should kill, n***a
But, for real, n***a, I been taking trips with my Philly n****s
Got the registration from your hood
N****s hating on me, I ain’t really tripping, s---, I’m good
I be in the 40 with the .40 on me like I should
I be deep in your ‘hood where you never be at
Be with them guys that you never could never dap
You could never adapt
You know the game, if you co-sign a rat, you forever a rat
We were never with that/You tried to ‘Money May’ with that paper, but now you in debt cause you never was that/F--- is you high? You know better than that.”

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