King Louie & MUBU Crew Vandalize Cars With Paintball Guns

King Louie and his MUBU crew had a bit of fun with their paintball guns. Footage surfaced online showing the crew having a paintball fight in the neighborhood.

“Pre-meditated hit. We finna go shoot the shit out of Lil Ralph dyke looking ass,” King Louie said in the video.

King Louie and friends hit their target Lil Ralph and a couple of vehicles in the process.

King L documented his mission in a series of Instagram posts:

“#OnNat wit @LilSis #TheDike @lilralph)a1fbg_100 hoe ass staring @bobbydrakw064

“#TheGetAway staring @lilralph_a1fbg_100 that little #Dike can run

“#PutEmOnDaNews @lilralpha_a1fbg_100 bn interviewed by @castro_ibf #llsYouFinnaDieFolks,” the captions on the posts read.

Watch below for the King Louie and MUBU paintball fight

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