Mixtape Review: King Yella- ‘I Think Im Skeeze 2’

King Yella’s latest mixtape “I Think Im Skeeze 2” was recorded in honor of his slain friend Skeeze. Yella reps hard for Skeeze and his 073 block in his new release.

Yella boasts an arrogant demeanor in this DJ Legacy, DJ Speechless and DJ Cortez-hosted project. It’s evident in his opening track. Yella has no use of bragging about what he has. Onlookers can see he looks like money.

Yella arrogantly raps, “You see my swag, you see my bag/You see my pants, you see my Jag/You see my stacks on top of stacks/Racks on top of racks/On top of that.”

King Yella and ToneTroppStar are on the prowl and going thot hunting in their collaborative track. The hook in this joint is catchy as Yella incorporates a popular children’s counting rhyme in this track, rapping, “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe/Catch a thotty by the toe.”

Yella’s “Rich N-gga” can be explained as a hustler’s anthem. Yella talks being broke in his earlier days, but found the means to become a money-getting hustler. Yella had to trap to make a way for himself. It wasn’t glamorous by any means as Yella raps, “I started as a broke a-- n-gga/Now King Yella a rich a-- n-gga/I’m Clout King, yall know that/Yall n-ggas take a Kodack/I remember them cold days and them cold nights I was selling crack.”

A fefe is a Chicago thing. It is another name for fiesta and can be best described as a block party. King Yella has a single dedicated to this Chicago tradition. He even brought along younger bro OsoRico to assist on the track.

King Yella and Osorico collabed again on “Bye Bye.” Yella talks his come up after close ones turned their backs on him.

OsoRico shines on the hook, rapping, “Going through it with my mama, she say bye bye/Going through it with my daddy, he say bye bye/Don’t sleep on me, when I’m on, you know it’s bye bye.”

King Yella loves his dead presidents. Yella is counting green in “My Money” with I.L Will and LovAndre.

Yella raps, “$300,000 on the foreign/Maserati with the races/I got $5,000 on me and a $100,000 in my bank/You a broke n-gga, you hating/Cause I’m on top and I’m great.”

King Yella released track “Super Clout” in late December 2013. Yella tapped Bo Deal, Vonte Riich and Billionaire Black in this release.

Yella’s new tape includes another version featuring Afam Nino. But the same theme applies. Yella boasts having clout on a whole nother level.

Yella’s “It’s Done” is one of his more popular tracks released earlier this year. The hook on this joint is fire and features Lil Jay and Freek.

Yella loves his “Foreign” whips and women just as much as he loves his money. Yella raps, “Catch up cause it’s foreign/Yo whip is so boring/Bad b-tch that do p---/I be steady touring/All my b-tches foreign/I ain’t getting money? You funny Martin Lawrence.”

Nicki Minaj created a monster after recording her viral hit song “Chiraq.” King Yella upped the temp on the track by gathering fellow JoJo World rappers for their own Chiraq mix. Yella’s version features P. Rico, Lil Mister, Billionaire Black, Swagg Dinero and King Samson.

Yella is one of the most consistent artists in Chicago and his work throughout the past year is proof. One of Yella’s strong points is his willingness to try new things in the studio. He doesn’t keep himself in one box. He also collaborates with different artists who bring diverse styles to the recording booth. This gives fans a different listening experience with each release.

This tape was one of two projects Yella was prepping for fans. Fans can also look forward to Yella’s upcoming project “I Made It.” Until then, stream and download Yella’s “I Think Im Skeeze” below.

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